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August 15, 2008



I've heard a few Urban Outfitters stories, but nothing I can actually remember. I know that every time I visit Portland (my home town) I like to go in there and spend way too much money on things that are made at poor quality. I learned my lesson last time, when I bought a pair of $20 earrings that broke as soon as I got on the airplane home. I've had to super glue them back together at least 4 times now.

Your items are great btw. Way better than UO.


that Johnny Cupcakes story IS totally inspirational! what a great company! and what great advice about copyrighting...


I just found your blog today via Sara at peasandbees and I'm really liking your perspective on art, design, business, and life in general. I'm looking forward to poking around.


Now I have to go find out who Johnny Cupcakes is. That's really lame about Urban Outfitters.. I'll certainly not be stepping into their store.

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