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September 08, 2008



great information and honest feedback. thank you for this and good luck in the future!


What a balanced way to think about it all. Thanks for the info.

Shalana, the funky felter

My sincere thanks for your honest and informed opinion - it is really helpful as I've seen a lot about Poppytalk, but I've never seen a personal point of view. You expressed your experience well.

:) Thanks so much for sharing!

My @ tha Hotness

I agree with you. I thought that i would at least sell one item since their blog gets a lot of traffic but maybe people just didn't like what I had. Honestly I didn't get a lot of hits from their site. I had it going directly to my own website.


You're probably right, maybe your work wasn't the right fit, but we don't guarantee sales - but what we do offer is exposure - and we tell you that in our congrats letter -
Poppytalk is a venue for exposure and also "branding" of your product and new works. Our market provides emerging designers, artists and shops an opportunity to connect with our readers who are consumers, retail buyers, magazine editors, personal shoppers, public relations, and the press. Things sometimes not always turn into sales, however we have found many of our pariticpants have ended up being written about, contacted by buyers, magazine editors, etc.

We are proud to be the original online "curated marketplace" and continue to work at being your best option to showcase your newest works.


Jan, I find your comment a bit defensive and a bit condescending. Nowhere in my feedback did I mention that you guaranteed sales and I am not slamming your market. I am stating my honest opinions about my experience. I feel as if my "lack of success" was due, primarily, to me not fully investigating whether or not my items fit within your audience. That's it.

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