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March 29, 2009



Ok, now that I'm reading your blog (as if I has so much time...) and ordered some of your things and look regularly at your shop, I would say this is too dark.
Your designs are simple, that's true, but they're colorful (that's why I like them) and this black logo just doesn't fit I think.
Maybe the same but with a yellow background and black text? Well would be too "bee" probably.
Or try a white with red edges and black text.
Ok never mind, keep on working on it! :)
Hope I wasn't too harsh :/
(if yes please take in account that I'm French and that English is my 3rd language)


Hi PetitPlat! You have no idea how honored I am that you find interest in my work. This is a HUGE compliment in and of itself! I do agree with you in regards to it being too dark. That's the first thought that goes through my mind when I see it. So, you are not being harsh at all but are rather pointing out what I feel too.

I really like the idea of playing with colors. Thank you for your suggestions. You'd think that with all the colors I use on a daily basis, that I would feel more comfortable with experimenting with colors when it comes to my logo (go figure). I'm going back to the drawing board and will post new versions soon!


haha, I'm just 23, don't feel to honored :D
I can't wait to see your new designs :)


too* not to* I hate making such simple errors ><

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